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 The Nightengals usually meet in the home of their hostess. We usually have a Bible study or a Christian video. They are Liz Higgs groupies and see her whenever she has a seminar nearby!! They do many fundraisers in order to buy things the church needs. In May, they have a plant sale in which the members split and pot up their perennials to sell at the corner of Elvira. We had a bake sale in October and will bake for the bake sale of the fall supper, they will help with a sale in November that they will get 10 % of the sales and will have a cookie walk in December. This year’s project is a prayer garden which they are so excited about. Last year they replaced the carpet in the main part of the church and replaced the floor under the organ. They also buy and wrap gifts for the churches pantry children at Christmas.

All our welcome in the ladies groups and would love you to come.