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Food Pantry – “Year of Personal Hygiene Products”

Pastor recently read an article on Facebook (of all places) of the items that a lot of food pantries need but don’t often get.  These are items that we may take for granted.  These are things that everyone may need or use, but funds make it difficult to balance buying it all.  That inspired Pastor to initiate a “Year of Personal Hygiene Products” for our own food pantry.  Each month, we will have a focus of things that are often needed but not provided (or are expensive to buy).  There will be baskets by each entry should you want to donate to the item of the month.  Pastor has listed the year’s items below so that if there is a big sale, you can stock up.  As you will see, none of these things have an expiration date. 

January: toilet paper and/or paper towels

February: shampoo and/or conditioner

March: body soap (bar or liquid) and/or body loofas

April: deodorant

May: razors (both men and women’s) and/or shaving cream/gel

June: lotions and/or sunscreen

July: feminine hygiene products and/or adult diapers

August: toilet paper and/or paper towels

September: toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, hair brushes, and/or combs

October: household cleaning supplies (especially dish soap, laundry soap, and dishwashing detergent)

November: shampoo and/or conditioner

December: body soap (bar or liquid) and/or body loofas

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Elvira Zion Lutheran Church will be starting a collection for Toiletries during 2014. Each month will have a corresponding item that we are asking you to bring in.  This will help the food pantry provide, not just food, but the things we take for granted that many families need.


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